chrb writes to direct us that Dell’s contemporary Latitude Z has for good been delivered as promised, round out with ARM processor. Codenamed BlackTop, the motto runs a modified translation of Suse Linux, and is skilled of near-instant bootup. Dell’s investigate has seemingly bring about that some at the crack users shell out 70% of their sooner in the Linux territory.” Relatedly snydeq writes “Colombian computer maker Haleron has designed a netbook that combines Atom processors in an creation to specify the engagement of a timber laptop at a prize more affordable to Latin Americans. The Swordfish Grille N102 includes two Atom N270 processors race at 1.6GHz. Haleron worked for the sake six months to change Intel’s 945 chipset to in due time the two processors. The processors set at odds the workload, much with a dual-core processor does, the theatre troupe said. The netbook, which begs the certainly, when does a netbook stem being a netbook, comes with Windows XP Cosy Number. ‘We establish that it works most suitable on the Windows XP operating plan. Both Windows Vista and the callow Windows 7 performed nautical below-decks Windows XP in the consignment sharing sphere,’ the house said.”

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