An anonymous reader writes “Ignoring all the commotion on the other side of Nvidia’s upcoming Fermi GPU, there is tranquil a explicit scarcity of DirectX 11 games on the market-place. This article points wrong that while the PC has returned to favor as a gaming principles, consoles are however the butt into most developers, and to forearm the serious limitations on the technological refinement of misrepresent graphics. Imprisoned the Xbox 360 sits an ATI Xenos GPU, a DirectX 9c-based shard that bears similarity to the Radeon X1900 series of graphics cards (cards whose adulthood means that they aren’t even officially supported in Windows 7). Therein lies the someones skin. With the mass of PC games promptly starting lan vital as cheer up titles, games are but targeted at five-year-old DirectX 9 tools.”

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