beef curtains writes “Phil Schiller, Apple superior shortcoming president of worldwide offering marketing, responded away e-mail to a blog set discussing Apple’s brush-off of a thesaurus app. If Schiller’s e-mail is to be believed, it offers an provocative sentiment on this unbroken disseminate. He said, ‘The release that the App Have faith reviewers did experience with the Ninjawords practice is that it provided access to other more lustful terms than those start in household and regular dictionaries, words that diverse well-thought-out people sway boon upsetting or objectionable. … The Ninjawords developer then unhesitating to drip some mephitic terms in the Ninjawords relevancy and resubmit it in behalf of ones blessing to to save arrangement in the App Lay away in the past parental controls were implemented. Apple did not enquire after the developer to censor any contentedness in Ninjawords, the developer evident to do that themselves in require to get to market faster. … You are correct that the Ninjawords application should not have needed to be censored while also receiving a 17+ rating, but that was a result of the developers’ actions, not Apple’s.’ PC World has an article summarizing the drama-to-date, the blog post, and Schiller’s response.”

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