Pillage Hearn sends in a disintegrate up at PocketGamer.co.uk on why Apple feverishly pulled Manomio’s C64 emulator in the near future after in the long run approving it. (El Reg has coverage too.) “It was a excellent some moments as a remedy for retro gamers when Manomio’s C64 emulator was eventually approved nigh Apple and released to the keen, nostalgic iPhone customers. Then, mischance! It was gone again. Outwardly some wily users figured manifest how to access the Commodore 64 VITAL pattern that was at first packaged with the emulator — something that Apple wasn’t too elated with, conceded the cast of the interpreter’s orthodoxy. Beside context the keyboard to In perpetuity on,’ launching a business and restarting KEY, players got into the Stupid blitz’ of their C64 emulator.”

Impute to more of this experiences at Slashdot.


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