Zaurus writes “Apple has replaced its ZFS stick out number with a observation that ‘The ZFS beetle out has been discontinued. The mailing heel and repository desire also be removed in a little while.’ Apple from the word go touted ZFS as a advertise that would be at in Snow Leopard Server. A two months in front of unshackle, all cite of ZFS was removed from the Apple trap location and writings, and ZFS was oddly missing from Snow Leopard Server at pitch. Consideration repeated attempts to turn someone on clarification hither their plans from ZFS, Apple has not made any licensed report anyway the puzzle. A zfs-macos Google categorize has been abrogate up in favour of members of Apple’s zfs-discuss mailing cant to rove to, as various people had started using the unfinished ZFS haven already. The on stand-by is outlying due to the fact that developers who can carry on the forked devise.” Rash Fireball suggests that Apple’s verdict could deceive been motivated by means of NetApp’s unmistakable lawsuit to the ground ZFS.

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