James Grimmelmann performed an research using the AP’s shape to entreat a permit to bring into play more than four consecutive words from undivided of their articles. Except that he didn’t paste in words from the (randomly chosen) article, but rather than adapted to 26 words written close to Thomas Jefferson 196 years ago: If colour has made any whole gear less susceptible than all others of one means, it is the act of the viewpoint power called an recommendation. The AP cheerfully charged him $12 to power Jefferson’s 26 words. Both Boing Boing and TechDirt procure picked up the dispatch so contribute. Grimmelmann adds an update to his blog: the AP has rescinded his permit to Jefferson’s words and issued a refund due to the fact that his $12. They did not reveal the culture to confess that their software is brain-dead.

Be familiar with more of this mystery at Slashdot.


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