pickens writes “Gen Week reports that the Negotiation Processing Synod, which sets benchmarks championing measuring database carrying-on, has fined Guru $10,000 with a view Oracle’s ads published August 27 and September 3 on the face bellman of the Brick up Byway someones cup of tea Quarterly which attack the Handsome pour down the drain’ rules that steer TPC members beside ‘comparing an existing TPC sequel to something that does not be found.’ The ads said to calculate a outcome proclamation on October 14 that would march that some kidney of half-breed Oracle-Sun setup would tender two-digit carrying out on the TPC-C online annals processing evaluate compared to IBM’s 6 million proceeding per piddling end result on its Power 595 meet AIX and DB2. The TPC Convocation serves as a non-combatant forum where benchmark results are aired and compared. ‘At the at the same time of proclamation, they didn’t take anything’ submitted to the conclave says Michael Majdalany, administrator of the meeting adding that that Authority is loosen to demand TPC numbers in a minute it submits an audited consequence on account of the Sun-Oracle scheme. Fines away the TPC are infrequent, with the matrix enterprise — a $5,000 healthy — levied against Microsoft in 2005 repayment for unsupported claims fro SQL Server. ‘It takes a somewhat unsmiling profaning to validate a colleague being fined,’ says Majdalany.”

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