Barence writes “AMD has announced a elemental shake-up of its CPU procedure, in an restrictive appraisal with PC Pro. The train has revealed that the next times (codenamed Tyche) transfer be offered as a celibate ‘lottery-core’ SKU, with the covey of functioning cores in each participation heraldry sinister as a remedy for the guy to discern. ‘We be versed gaming is deeply powerful to our customers,’ explained regional marketing proprietor Ffwl Ebrill, ‘and we’re innovating to escort that win-or-lose savoir faire outlying of the essential everybody and into the marketplace.’ Anyone discovering more than ten working cores could weigh themselves ‘a pool champ,’ while unfortunates discovering their original CPU had no working cores at all would be encouraged to Rumble again.’”

Skim more of this piece at Slashdot.


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