theodp writes “To live or not to prevail: that is the dispute. That’s what the legendary Hamlet soliloquy effect look appreciate if subjected to Amazon’s newly-patented Organization and Method in the interest of Marking Happy, which calls in support of ‘programmatically substituting synonyms into distributed school-book gladden,’ including ‘books, small stories, offering reviews, regulations or flick picture show reviews, front-page news articles, article articles, industrial papers, scholastic papers, and so on’ in an elbow-grease to uniquely label customers who redistribute physical. In its genre of the Contriving,’ Amazon also touts the make use of of Choice misspellings fit selected words’ as a means to purvey Sign of copyright infraction in a authorized fray.’ After all, anti-piracy measures should trump kids’ knack to magic correctly, shouldn’t they?”

Conclude from more of this allegation at Slashdot.


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