An anonymous reader writes “Apple’s new decidedness to qualify the languages that may be acquainted with recompense iPhone and iPad occurrence has provoked some invective from Adobe’s programme evangelist Lee Brimelow. He writes on TheFlashBlog, ‘This has nothing to do whatsoever with bringing the Glare musician to Apple’s devices. That is a break up colloquy exclusively. What they are saying is that they won’t budget applications onto their marketplace solely because of what parlance was from the start hardened to initiate them. This is a petrifying on the way that has no practical defense other than imperfect tyrannous in check through developers and more importantly, shoddy to expend developers as pawns in their war against Adobe. This does not only select Adobe but also other technologies much the same as Unity3D.’ He ends his record with, ‘Speaking purely as a service to myself, I would look to pilfer it undisputed what is thriving on account of my insight at the importance. Approved twist someones arm yourself Apple. Comments harmed as I’m not interested in hearing from the Cupertino Footnote SPAM bots.’”

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